By understanding the triggers that activate challenging behaviour, we can help our care customers steer clear of situations that make them uncomfortable.  
Working with our Behaviour Support Practitioner, family and friends we tailor our properties to provide a safe space where care customers enjoy an ordinary life. 
Managing clutter 
Clutter can cause stress for anyone, but for people with autism, it can be completely overwhelming. Minimalism in our properties is the key, with home comforts neatly organised in cupboards and draws and shelves tidied with storage baskets. 
From general background noise to loud intermittent sounds, we aim to avoid this type of disturbance. Although outside noise pollution it is difficult to manage, our properties are situated in quite roads and double glazing protects from outside sounds as much as possible. We have also carpeted and provided insulation throughout to absorb sound from neighbours. 
Colour and decoration 
For people with autism, colours are often much more vivid and intense, creating both pain and irritation. Usually our properties are decorated with a soothing colour palette to create a sense of calm and relaxation.  
However, this choice is entirely up to our residents and our most recent customer chose bright purple and lime green throughout with a red bathroom! 
Again lights can assault the senses. Our properties don’t have any fluorescent lights, instead all ceiling lights and lamps have soft, warm bulbs. We also replace them as soon as needed to avoid flickering or buzzing noises. Plus, all of our properties get plenty of natural light though the windows. 
Overall, we focus on positive stimuli to provide a place of contentment. It is important that each area of the house has a purpose with a straightforward layout to avoid unexpected surprises in the home. 
Each area of the home is designed to eat, work and relax and by providing structure in a place to undertake tasks and be creative. 
We would be very grateful to hear about your experience of interiors. If you have any additional tips, please email [email protected] 
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