My Life Choice provides personalised care and support to people with Autism and Learning Disabilities in Colchester, throughout Essex and across the UK. We provide support and help to strengthen people who may have had distressing times where key services or other life situations have let them down. 


We actively listen and make sure that we have a truly person-centred approach to help someone actually achieve how they want to live their lives. 
We give nurturing support for living their life of choice understanding that we will have to assist the person to live that safely. We will also help the person minimise the times where their behaviour may potentially be dangerous to themselves or others. 
My Life Choice is honest and not money-driven. Too often we have seen poor examples of care where the emphasis has been on targets and revenue. Often people look at the financial spreadsheet of a care company to see where its profit growth lies. We are mindful that our key practitioners, the incredibly skilled people that touch upon the lives of our care customers may have not have always been well remunerated for their vital work and others in the workforce have. We believe in respect and parity in the workplace. 
We can help you get 
your home for life 
We can help you get 
your home for life 


We can help you get your home for life. That does not mean that you will always have to live there, because we can help you move on in your life too. 
At My Life Choice, we hope that things will be so much better for both you and your family. 


My Life Choice consistently achieves high standards and is aiming for outstanding performance in all areas of its delivery. 
As a new organisation, our company will ensure that we work to achieve higher than ‘best-practice’ in all of the statutory benchmarks. 
Enable and encourage independent living 
Have fun and live life to the full 
Develop relationships 
Integrate within the community 
Share stories not reports 
Be flexible and creative 
Make decisions with care customers 
Promote health 
Invest in excellent advocacy services 
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