We can help you get your home for life. That does not mean that you will always have to live there, because we can help you move on in your life too. At My Life Choice, we hope that things will be so much better for both you and your family. 


Well, it is all about you. We will help you get the right place designed for your needs if you want us to help you do this by working with our various networks in housing. 


We will ensure that you are fully-supported to make your own decisions no matter how you are able to communicate or at what capacity you have to make decisions. We know that you will be able to show us what you need and you can be sure that we can respond to those needs. 
We will help you get the right place designed for your needs 
We will help you get the right place designed for your needs 


Only you can tell us or show us that you feel safe with us and that you want to explore new things in your life. We will take things at your pace so that you feel you can trust us and know you are well-supported in all that you want to do. 
We will plan things carefully with you to ensure you do not meet too many unexpected hurdles in your daily life. That detailed planning is something in which we excel. 
We make sure that we plan by getting to know you and your likes and dislikes, knowing the environment you are in and making all the appropriate adjustments for you, getting the right people to work with you. We look at your personal landscape of needs and then we check out the local community well. 
We check daily for changes when there may be things that could distress you; for example, roadworks, loud events, the early closure of a, queues or a major change in how somewhere looks. 
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