David, 19 was an inpatient at a low secure unit. He has a moderate disability and autistic spectrum disorder. 
He exhibits aggressive behaviour including shouting, screaming, hitting others, pulling hair, kicking, biting, spitting, grabbing, ripping staff clothing and property damage, self-injurious behaviour, head banging on walls and doors and rubbing items on his wrists. He finds large groups and environmental noise difficult to tolerate due to sensory overload. He has no road-sense and has attacked others in the unit car. He withdraws from social attention when he does not understand the situation or request. He craves attention and can use his difficult behaviours to obtain this. 
David has major communication problems around receptive information. It was found that he is able to understand social stories with additional picture augmentation. He has problems in retaining some information over time and needs to revisit information. 
My Life Choice, with our housing provider partner, located a property in Essex with agreement from Essex Social Services. 
David's social worker visited the property then sent the service profile to My Life Choice to ask them to perform an assessment. Jane Byford (Director) visited David at the secure unit and did his assessment with the My Life Choice Positive Behaviour Practitioner. They visited David's family right from the start and also visited the property. 
An early transition plan was developed and an easy to read version made for David. Function analysis was done and positive behaviour support plan developed. Management strategies, risk management and DOLS put in place. 
Communication boards and a pictorial contract were also developed along with mental Capacity assessments for when he moves in. He now has new friendships and is accessing the wider community. He also has improved self-esteem and well-being. Most of all he and his family are very happy. 
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