My Life Choice consistently achieves high standards and is aiming for outstanding performance in all areas of its delivery. As a new organisation, our company will ensure that we work to achieve higher than ‘best-practice’ in all of the statutory benchmarks. We will work together with all individuals, families, carers and other stakeholders to ensure that we can achieve agreed and personalised outcomes. 
Our team has dynamic people who have integrity and are highly motivated, experienced in life and their chosen field of work. They will have undertaken qualifications and training to ensure they are highly qualified in the care they deliver. 


My Life Choice prides itself on the unique relationships it has created with Housing Associations that allows it to carefully prepare and provide accommodation for the people it delivers care to. 
By working together we deliver excellent 24-hour support and care to the highest level. Everything we do is based on genuine co-production and, we have an open and transparent approach to our vital work. 
Through this collaboration, empathy, compassion and skill in our work, we can help a person get their life on track and look forward to the future. We can often help prevent the service-breakdown that may cause people to go into residential or institutional settings. 
We all need to feel safe in our own home and have a place to call our own 
We all need to feel safe in our own home and have a place to call our own 


We all need to feel safe in our own home and have a place to call our own, a sanctuary from a busy and complicated world out there. 
Using our depth of experience at My Life Choice, we know how important this is for the people we support and so, we maintain very good links with excellent Housing Providers to ensure that we can, if needed, help the person acquire a high-standard home to live in. A place to call their own. We always work with Housing Providers that use the REACH standards to ensure they are specialists in their field. 
We also understand the financial constraints on Local Authorities and we know how important it is to offer value-for-money for what they invest in services to ensure that they are cost-effective. We are creative and use a highly experienced network of professionals and resources. We have genuine partnerships in place and are always keen to explore new innovations in technology. Where appropriate and, if research widely exists, we employ these new advancements which may further enhance everyone’s life experience. 
You can access the NHS England document 
"Transforming Care for People with Learning Disabilities – Next Steps" here: 
Enable and encourage independent living 
Have fun and live life to the full 
Develop relationships 
Integrate within the community 
Share stories not reports 
Be flexible and creative 
Make decisions with care customers 
Promote health 
Invest in excellent advocacy services 
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