Specialist Support 

At My Life Choice all our teams are trained to support you and your individual needs. The people we support have often had difficult experiences in previous services or may be coming out of long term stays in hospital settings. 
This is reflected in how we train our teams. Positive Behavioural Support is the foundation of this training. Not only does each staff member receive training in this area, but we employ dedicated PBS professionals to oversee this aspect of your support / support planning. In some instances, the struggles that individuals may face can be presented as behaviours that challenge. Again, our teams are trained using the NAPPI model, accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disability.  
The model is designed to offer a step-by-step approach to supporting an individual with a focus on understanding the function/s of such behaviour. This approach also incorporates Trauma Informed Care and how an individuals previous life experiences may shape their current understanding of the world and how to interact with it. My Life Choice are proud advocates and active members of the Restraint Reduction Network. 


At MLC we believe intrinsically in the principles of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). All our teams are trained in PBS as a mandatory requirement. Each person supported will have a detailed PBS plan which is written alongside the person and in conjunction with those close to them. Our dedicated PSB Lead Practitioners will support with this process and work with you and your team to ensure regular reviews are undertaken ensuring plans are always up to date with the most recent information so that the service you receive remains consistent. This will include trend & functional analysis of new and existing behaviours. Having such a dedicated clinical resource also means that we are able to respond immediately to escalating events / crisis scenarios dramatically reducing the risk of hospital (re)admission. 

Hospital Discharge 

Investing in our teams to ensure they are both highly skilled and resilient has enabled My Life Choice to work alongside a number of Secure Hospitals to transition and discharge individuals previously viewed as 'too complex' to live in their own homes. Supporting individuals from 1:1 up to 6:1 staffing levels reflects our commitment to delivering person centred services. We have had great success not only supporting such hospital discharges, but also avoiding the requirement for readmission at a later date. Such investment in our workforce enables the services we offer to respond proactively to support an individuals changing needs. Our expert Management team have decades of experience in the delivery of support to individuals previously residing in hospital settings. 
This experience shapes our approach to working alongside the often large multidisciplinary stakeholders associated with individuals either currently in hospital or having being discharged from hospital settings in to the care of My Life Choice. Through experience we have learnt that in order to deliver services to individuals with complex needs it is of upmost importance to maintain links with key stakeholders involved in their lives and wider multidisciplinary support teams. With this in mind we prioritise the appointment of a dedicated service manager to each individual we support. In doing so we ensure active links are maintained and communication channels flow continuously between all parties. This approach ensures a dedicated point of contact for all stakeholders and has proved invaluable in being able to successfully deliver positive outcomes to the individuals we support. 

We can help you get your home for life. 

That does not mean that you will always have to live there, because we can help you move on in your life too. At My Life Choice, we hope that things will be so much better for both you and your family. 
Why? - Well, it is all about you. We will help you get the right place designed for your needs if you want us to help you do this by working with our various networks in housing. 
And... We will ensure that you are fully-supported to make your own decisions no matter how you are able to communicate or at what capacity you have to make decisions. We know that you will be able to show us what you need and you can be sure that we can respond to those needs. 

Want to find out more? 

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